5 STARS - 12/16/2015   "They were very comfortable to talk to and made it easy for me to understand. Wonderful service!" ~ Melissa (Preferred Elevator Co.)

5 STARS -  11/03/2015 "Prompt response to my needs, recommendations for more efficient operations of the system in my office, and personal attention for the working of my church were what I came to expect from them.  If only other vendors I dealt with had the integrity, experience, and willingness to provide this level of service!"    Rev. Laura I., Windsor Mill, Md

4 STARS  12/26/2014     "2 technicians were friendly, knowledgeable, efficient, expeditious, with a no-nonsense approach to the job at hand." ~ Anonymous

5 STARS -  12/17/2014     "I was very happy with the outstanding service I received  .... They were very prompt in scheduling my pickup and arrived on time. Alan cleaned my disk of malware and optimized my performance.  I would / will recommend...." Bill (will5914)

5 STARS  -  10/02/2014    "The best! Come the same day. Thorough, friendly, knowledgeable. Recommend highly." ~ Anonymous

5 STARS -  7/23/2014    "They were knowledgeable and visibly comfortable working through our set up and resolving our issue... I would recommend them."  ~Susan @Maryland Nurses Association

5 STARS -  6/26/2014    "I was very happy with the outstanding professional service I received... They were prompt.  I would recommend." ~ Anonymous

5 STARS -  4/17/2014    "Answered all questions, provided timely support and recommendations, responded rapidly." ~ Anonymous

5 STARS -  2/27/2014    "These guys are wonderful. This was our second time using them.  We recommended them to neighbors who are happy." ~Marrionphipps

5 STARS -  12/10/2013    "Impressed me with their competency and professionalism. I do recommend." ~ Jim C. Towson (kylegerman)

5 STARS - 12/10/2013    "Very pleased with the service. They were professional and patient... We would recommend this service." ~ Anonymous

4 STARS -   5/17/2013    "In my professional life, I had a great deal of experience with tech support service. I rate this team among the best." ~ Anonymous

5 STARS -  4/03/2013    "This is the first review that I have ever written for any service.  Outstanding service!  Exceeded my expectations!" ~ schafferbochner

5 STARS -  03/19/2013    "Excellent service. Repairs were done promptly, and issues explained thoroughly." ~ cathylsmith58

5 STARS -  6/29/2012    "1st time using them, they were great!  Very professional and prompt.  Thanks for your help."  ~ dengle

5 STARS -  4/11/2012    "We used them in the past.  We recommend them without reservation and will undoubtedly use them in the future." ~ Anonymous

5 STARS -  2/13/2012    "Very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable!  They went above and beyond to get our system working correctly again."  ~ Guest06472

5 STARS -  3/31/2011    "So grateful for the friendly, courteous, and professional service I received. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" ~ ApatriceL

5 STARS -  3/14/2011    "Prompt and efficient.  They explained our issues and then quickly resolved them. Thanks!" ~ Christine, Clean Air Heating & Air Conditioning Co.

5 STARS -  1/20/2011    "Excellent repair experience.  This company cares and pays attention to detail. I would recommend them without hesitation." ~ Dr. Suchin's Office

5 STARS -  1/17/2011    "Excellent service.  Both individuals were courteous and friendly and computer works better now than when it was new!!!!" ~ Lucyme

5 STARS -  1/17/2010    "Very knowledgeable, very professional, trusting and friendly. Quality service at a reasonable price." ~ Gwen, Renewal Counseling Centers

5 STARS -  2/21/2008    "An eye opener to find people knowledgeable, easy to understand, and very professional. Helped us to better service our customers. ~ Carl, Interstate Sales Company